Incheon SK Wyverns Action Munhak Stadium

During this beautiful summer here in South Korea we spent a happy Friday evening as well as a Saturday afternoon watching Incheon SK Wyverns at the Munhak Baseball Stadium. Baseball is massive here in South Korea and has the highest number of fans on average attending games than any sport. Korean Baseball Championship currently has 9 teams with SK Wyverns the only team based in Incheon, although there are 3 down the road in Seoul.

The Munhak Baseball Stadium hosts the Incheon SK Wyverns home games and is currently the 2nd largest baseball stadium in Korea. It is located just south of the center of Incheon and has it’s own Subway Station on the Incheon line.

Our Experience

We went to a Incheon vs. Hanwha Eagles double header with a game on the Friday evening and then another on the Saturday afternoon (there was also a Sunday game but that would have pushed it a little).  Both games were enjoyable however the first one was a little better as Incheon won and scored a number of home runs in the first few innings. Beer, Sodas, Fast Food and Snacks were all easily available reasonably priced.

Snacks at the Munhak Stadium

Tickets cost ₩9,000 each and they were the cheapest on offer, if you buy in advance or use coupons they can be even cheaper.

Incheon SK Wyverns Ticket

Pictures from the games at the Munhak Baseball Stadium

Munhak Stadium Pre Game Low

Munhak Stadium pre game high

Incheon SK Wyverns Fans

SK Wyverns Song Munhak Stadium

Top player Choi Jong - SK Wyverns

SK Wyverns Munhak Stadium at Night

SK wyverns Hanhwa Eagles scoreboard - Munhak Stadium


SK Wyverns

We will try to do a more detailed post about the Incheon SK Wyverns baseball team in the future. Also if you’re interested here are a few other related Modern Seoul posts:

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