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If you think is a chain of Coffee Shops the first one that normally comes to mind is Starbucks. Starbucks (스타벅스커피) was founded in the 1970’s in the USA, but has now spread all over the world and is now in 62 countries including South Korea. South Korea is currently ranked 6th in the world for the total number of Starbucks with around 560 nationwide. Which equates to 1 Starbucks per 90,000 people. They are in every major and minor city across Korea, so you’re never far away from one. 2 new stores opened today (September 30th), one in Busan and one in Daegu.

They sale all the standard coffees as well as other drinks such as green tea and bubble tea. The only real negative is that the coffee can be a little blend when compared to Starbucks in the USA or UK. Which is a little strange as you’d guess they use the same coffee beans. Still the coffee is as good if not better than other Korea chains and although not cheap there is almost always a spare seat (apart from in Gangnam 😦 ).

Pictures of Starbucks in South Korea

Inside Starbucks in Incheon, South Korea

Take Away Coffee from Starbucks Korea

Groove Magazine from a Starbucks in South Korea

Free Starbucks Cans
Free Starbucks Cans

Starbucks Coffee Insadong Seoul Korean Sign

Starbucks Coffee with Cream

Hot Starbucks Coffee - Korea

Starbucks in Myeongdong, Seoul Starbucks Korea Coffee Black Poster

Starbucks Korea Advertising and Links

Here a Starbucks advert from Starbucks Korea:

Here is another Starbucks advert (although this one is more of a global campaign):

Here are a few links for Starbucks in South Korea:

* Starbucks Korea Homepage

* Starbucks Korea on Facebook

* Starbucks Korea on Twitter

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