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We previous wrote a post back in February detailing our top 5 Vlogs. This post has proved popular and so we though that it’s only fair we’d do an update featuring some more interesting Vlogs about life in South Korea and Korean Culture. The 5 Vlogs we featured in the previous post Top 5 Vlogs about South Korea and Korean Culture” which were Michael Aronson, The Qiranger Adventures by Steve Miller, Goldilocks in Korea by Chelsea, Sweet and Tasty by Professor Oh & Friends and of course Eat Your Kimchi by Simon and Martina. These 5 will not feature on this new list but are still all worth checking out.

We didn’t really have any rules on deciding which vlogs some be included they just needed to be interesting, current and about South Korea and/or expat life. Here is our list which is in on particular order:

5 More Interesting Vlogs


ChoNunMigookSaRam Vlog Korea

ChoNunMigookSaram otherwise known as Megan Bowen started this channel in December 2010 and currently has almost 22,000 subscribers. The videos range in subject from Teaching to Korean Culture and Life to Makeup and Fashion. The videos are well produced and edited, they also seem well planned and thought out which shows a nice level of professionalism. The videos benefit from a nice about of personally which keeps them fresh and interesting. Well worth subscribing.
For more on ChoNunMigookSaram here are a couple of links: Twitter: @MiGoOk_SaRaM and YouTube:

Lee Lemon

Lee Lemon Korea Vlog

Lee started this channel back in July 2012 and currently has over 9,000 subscribers. The videos range is subject from Life in Korea to personal thoughts, feeling and philosophies. What we like about this Blog is it’s honesty, it’s done for fun and to express feeling on different subjects which is what in our opinion Vlogging it about. All of Lee’s thoughts might not be the same as ours or yours but there are some pretty interesting videos.
For more on Lee Lemon here are a couple of links: Twitter: @Lee_Lem0n and YouTube:

ROK On! Life and Foodspotting in South Korea

ROK On! Korea Vlog

ROK On! started in January 2012 and currently has around 7000 subscribers. This Vlog looks at both Expat Life in Korea as well as Travel, Korean Culture and Food. One thing we love about this Vlog is that there are also posts in Spanish. Although there are many foreigners living in Korea most (including most) bloggers and vloggers post in English so giving information to Spanish speakers is great to see. The videos are well planned and edited, and this channel is well worth checking out.
For more on ROK On! Here are a couple of links: Twitter: @noealz / YouTube:



Soju4Two started in November 2011 and currently has around 2,600 subscribers. They look at topics like teaching in Korea, Korean Culture as well as Korean language. This is a little bit of a traditional style Vlog without so many bells and whistles but it has a good amount of character which makes the videos enjoyable to watch.
For more on Soju4Two here are a couple of links: Twitter: @soju4two / YouTube:

Smiling Seoul

Smiling Seoul Vlog Korea

Smiling Seoul which is run by Abigael started back in August 2011 and now has over 10,000 subscribers. The videos range in subject from Teaching and life in Korea to KPOP, Music and Fashion. Abigael is the only Brit on this list and so many of her thoughts, views and humor relate to us a little more but that’s not to say only Brits can enjoy this Vlog. The videos are well presented and edited, with a nice amount of energy added for good measure.
For more on Smiling Seoul Here are a couple of links: Twitter: @SmilingSeoul / YouTube:

In Conclusion

Do we miss any? Disagree with our top 5 order? Should your Vlog be added?
Let us know either by commenting below or via Twitter / Facebook.
Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

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