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When you see a delivery fried Chicken called ChipKen (칩킨) as a Brit my interest was peaked. Then you find out that it is indeed Fried Chicken Topped with French Fries you know what’s on for dinner today. The full name of the delivery place is 깻잎 칩킨 which translates as sesame leaves chipken, although I didn’t see any sesame leaves.

In South Korea there are a whole host of different delivery food options, from Korean Food (of course) to Pizza, Chicken, Hamburgers, Chinese Food and Sushi. The only downside is that to order you need to be able to speak and understand enough Korean. But after you’ve learn’t how to (or know a Korean who can do it for you) you can enjoy same great fast / delivery food.

Thoughts on Chipken

The Chicken comes in a range of the different styles/flavors and although it’s mostly geared to Korean tastes there are a few more western styles. The Chicken was tasty, not too oily or fatty. The Chip where good but not great but when combined with the chicken  worked. It’s an interesting idea and something we hope will catch on in other Fried Chicken places.

We believe that ChipKen is a franchise company with outlets in different parts of Seoul, Incheon and Bucheon (maybe more). It’s well worth trying if you like Chicken and Chips 🙂 as the cost was below 20,000 for everything.

More Pictures

ChipKen Korea - Box

ChipKen Korea - Box 1

ChipKen Korea - Box Side

ChipKen Korea - Food Closeup

ChipKen Korea - Chips and Chicken

ChipKen Korea - Food Full 1

ChipKen Korea - Food Full 3

ChipKen Korea - Food Full 2

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