When you think of Video Gaming in South Korea you might think straight away of Starcraft, Fifa Online and other online PC Games. And although Koreans are more into PC gaming there are still a good number of nice arcades. These are similar to ones found all over the world and feature many different coin operated machines. Most of the machines cost ₩500 per game which is pretty good. They have the mean favorites such as Tekken, Driving Games, Shooting Games, Basketball Hoop Throw (not sure of the correct name), Air Hockey and the crawl puzzle game. It’s a fun way to kill an hour on a lazy weekend or free evening.


Sorry the pictures aren’t great, the light inside the arcade is pretty changeable and it’s hard to take great pictures. Still they give you a good idea of what you can enjoy:

Video Game Arcarde Incheon - Tekken

Video Game Arcarde Incheon - Shooting

Video Game Arcarde Incheon - Future Driving

Video Game Arcarde Incheon - Driving

Video Game Arcarde Incheon - Dancing

Video Game Arcarde Incheon - Crawl Game

Video Game Arcarde Incheon - Basketball

Video Game Arcarde Incheon - Air Hockey

Video Game Arcarde Incheon - Coin Slot

How To Find

There are Video Game Arcades all over South Korea and you basically need to look for “아케이드” in Korean which means Arcade. The one we went to and is in the pictures is close to Bupyeong Station and Bupyeong Market in Incheon. Here is a rough map, it’s basically on the right just before you get to the round-a-bout and a few doors down from Twosome Coffee:

Video Game Acarde Incheon Map

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