Hello again and welcome to another Modern Seoul KPOP Song of the Week. This week we’ve chosen “Red Shoes” by IU (아이유). It was released a little over a week ago back on October 7th and has been viewed just over 2,650,000 times so far on YouTube. Here are our reasons for choosing “Red Shoes” for our KPOP song of the week:

  • Firstly the blends a few different styles together nicely and is enjoyable throughout.
  • Secondly the video is really well made and the ghost red shoes concept is both interesting and a little spooky.
  • Finally IU is a very talented signer and she demonstrates her range in this song.
  • On the negative side; the video is to long and the 3 minutes worth of credits seems a little overkill.

IU Red Shoes - Black and White

More Information on IU

IU Red Shoes - Black Dress

IU (아이유) started her career aged 15 however didn’t gain much popularity until a year later. In the years since her debut she’s released 3 albums, sung a number of popular duets, won numerous awards and stared in dramas and TV shows. IU is maybe the most popular KPOP solo female artist and only 20 she still has a long career ahead of her.

IU on Facebook
IU on Twitter (@lily199iu)

IU Red Shoes - Red Shoes

IU Red Shoes - Banner

Other versions:

An English, Hangul and Romanized Version is here:

LIVE version on MBC Comeback Stage:


We hope you’ve enjoyed this KPOP Song of the week and also that you agree with our choice. If you have any suggestions for next weekend, please let us know.

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Have a fun Sunday and enjoy the Fall sun.

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