Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Control Pad

Playing video games can be a great way to have fun with your friends and pass a little time on a free evening or weekend. However a system can be expensive and when you maybe only in South Korea for a short while a big investment for the casual gamer. But there is an answer, going to a Pulsa Bang. A Pulsa Bang is basically a Korean PlayStation and Video Game Room / Cafe, it is similar to a PC Bang (PC Room / Internet Cafe) or a Noraebang (Karaoke Room). You can play for as long as you like and even buy snacks and drinks, then pay when you leave. The price per hour depends on when you visit but is normally around ₩3,000 to ₩4,000/hour per person (around $4).

We personally went for around 2 hours had a couple of sodas and got change from ₩10,000. We played 3 games; Tekken, Winning Eleven Soccer (Pro Evolution) and Gran Turismo. As you can see from the pictures we had use of a large 32inch (or more) LCD screen and of course a PlayStation 3 with a couple of official controllers. The only downsides are that the games are in Korean (not a big surprise) and you’re surrounded by other people playing different games so it can be a little noisy at times, but that’s part of the fun.

Pictures of the Pulsa Bang Experience

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Desk and Games

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Room

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Seating

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Winning Eleven

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Pro Evolution

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Gran Turismo

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Tekken

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Tekken Fight

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Soda

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Chargers

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Inside Sign

Pulsa Bang in Incheon Location

There are Pulsa Bangs or PlayStation Game Rooms / Cafes all over South Korea however the one we visited and the one in the pictures is located in the Bupyeong Area of Incheon not far away from the station and towards the round-a-bout near Bupyeong Market.  The place is called Funny Fun PLSCafe and is on the 6th floor, here is a map and picture of the sign:

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Outside Sign

Pulsa Bang Playstation Cafe - Incheon Sign

To find one in your local area you may need to search for “플레이스테이션 방” PlayStation Room or ask people locally as they often can be hard to spot.

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