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Christianity is the second biggest religion in South Korea behind Buddhism and Catholics make up over 10% of the population. Roman Catholic missionaries first arrived in South Korea in the late 1800’s and has steadily grown in popularity. South Korea now has one of the highest numbers of Christians in Eastern Asian only behind the Philippines.

The construction of the Myeongdong Cathedral started in 1894 and was completed 4 years later in 1898. The main tower is 45meters tall which at the time made it one of the tallest buildings in Korea. These days however it is slightly overshadowed by neighboring office buildings and skyscrapers.

It’s a very interesting and slightly different building to see as it’s in a more European design which is slightly uncommon in Seoul and Korea in General.

Pictures of Myeongdong Cathedral

Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul - 1898 Picture

Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul - Far

Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul - Front

Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul - 3

Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul - 2

Location & Links

The Myeongdong Cathedral is located in the Myeongdong area of Seoul and is best reached either by bus or subway. If you arrive by Subway you should leave Myeongdong Station (Line 4) Exit 10 and walk straight and then take your first left continue straight and you should find it. It’s also easily reached from Euljiro-3 Ga Station (Line 2). Here is a map to help you navigate:

Myeongdong Cathedral Website (in both English & Korean)

Visit Korea Page for Myeongdong Cathedral

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