Ssanghwatang SHT Korean

SsangHwaTang (쌍화탕) which is only known as SHT or Ssanghwa Gold, is a Korean herbal drink / tea. It’s commonly drank in the colder month of the year as a natural cold cure. However it has a secondary benefit it tastes like Christmas. Obvouisly Christmas has no taste however one commonly eaten foods around Christmas time (at least in the UK) are minced pies and Christmas pudding.
SsangHwaTang is normally served warm and has a similar smell and taste. In South Korea it’s basically impossible to find either Minced Pies or Christmas Pudding and therefore this is a great replacement. The final positive is the price, normally around ₩500 (35pence or 50cents). If you’re looking for something a little different, healthy and Christmassy this is worth checking out.
They can be found in most Supermarkets, Marts and even GS25 type stores.


Sssanghwatang - Korean Herbal Drink

Ssanghwatang - Bottles

Ssanghwatang 3

Ssanghwatang 2

Sssanghwatang - Back of the Bottle


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