It’s that magical time of the year, Christmas. Over the past few years Christmas has grown in populaity with many Korean now getting trees (not real ones) for there homes as well as decorations. In the past it was possible to buy Christmas related items but the selections were limited and often over priced.

However these days with the expansion of Daiso and increased range at Homeplus, it’s a lot easier to find a selection of cost effective products. Everything from Hats, Costumes, Decorations, Cards and Trees. GMarket also has a good selection of trees and decoration bundles as well.

Pictures of the Christmas Selections

Here are a few pictures from inside both Daiso and Homeplus, of their Christmas selections:


Christmas Items - Homeplus Korea

Christmas Sweaters - Homeplus Korea

Christmas Trees - Homeplus Gyesan


Christmas Decorations and Hats - Daiso

Winter Products - Daiso Korea

Christmas Cards - Daiso Korea

Christmas Trees - Daiso Korea

Mini Christmas Tree - Daiso


If you have any questions about Daiso and Homeplus Christmas Ranges or anything else please feel free to let us know via the normal channels.

Tim & Jeonghye
Modern Seoul
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