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Even to us relatively knowledgeable Makkoli drinkers the concept of a Sports? Or Diet Makkoli? Is a bit of a strange one. Basically this Makkoli is being marketed as a lighter and softer Makkoli which is also better for the environment.
Although the idea of a sports Makkoli is an interesting one we’re not sure if this one is the best fit. We guess it’s the match with the idea of Hiking or drinking, but not getting overly drunk. Also the of idea of a light or diet Makkoli is something we feel might work and this Makkoli might be a good starting point. The price is also low, similar to other products so it’s a nice option and the taste is pretty good. The 3% stands for the alcohol content.

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Me3% Sports Makkoli Drink - Information

Me3% Sports Makkoli Drink - Cap

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