Jeju Orange Coffee Mix 6

One of the main things that you associate with Jeju Island are Oranges. Also one thing you’re never far from in South Korea is Instead mix coffee. So therefore a combination isn’t maybe the greatest shock although it does sound a little odd.

This Jeju Orange Coffee Mix or Citrus Coffee Mix isn’t the easiest thing to come across it’s sort of hidden in supermarkets, a corner of the bottom shelf situation. However it is pretty commonly found in gift shops around Seoul (mainly Insa-Dong). We were given it for free by a friend who doesn’t drink coffee and so we’re not 100% sure on the price but would guess less than ₩4,000 ($4) a box.

Thoughts; the taste is nice with neither an overly strong orange or coffee taste. The Coffee element was a little weak but you’d guess that’s by design in order to feature the orange more. Overall it you see it and fancy something a little different either for yourself or as a gift it’s worthwhile giving a go.

Pictures of Jeju Orange Coffee Mix

Jeju Orange Coffee Mix 5

Jeju Orange Coffee Mix 4

Jeju Orange Coffee Mix 3

Jeju Orange Coffee Mix 2

Jeju Orange Coffee Mix 1


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