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As the title suggests this post is about the popular beer Cafri which is a local (and cheaper) version of the worldwide favorite Corona (from Mexico). Although Corona is also widely available in South Korea like other imported beers it can be expensive. So this Korean version from OB (Oriental Brewery) is a nice alternative.

Cafri (카프리) is available in basically every convenience store, market, supermarket, restaurant and bar here in South Korea. Either in a can, glass bottle or large plastic bottle (1lt). Prices start from around ₩1700 ($2) in larger marts to ₩4000 ($4.50) in some bars, for the regular sized bottle.

Opinion: Of course the main comparison is Corona which is also a market leader. Cafri isn’t at the same standard as Corona but it isn’t far behind in taste and amour. In comparison is other domestic Korean beers it is one of the best and is great value. Overall it’s well worth trying and enjoying on a warm day.

Pictures of Cafri Beer

Cafri Bottle - Korean Corona

Cafri Bottle - Beer 6 Pack

Cafri Beer - 6 Pack Top

Links and Ads for Cafri Beer

Firstly here is a TV Spot Advertisement from 2013 for the newly redesign Cafri:

This is a good example of a print advertisement for Cafri:

cafri Beer Korea Print Ad


* More Information on Different Korean Beers

* Official Home Page for Cafri (Korean)

Cafri Beer Logo


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