Jinro Somek Glass - Empty

Alcohol and drinking are big parts of adult life here in South Korea. Although  some drink more than others, after a long week at work or studying at University many like to let their hair down. Two of the most popular drinks are Soju (basically Korean Vodka) and Beer. Combine the two and you get Somek (쏘멕), which is either a more alcoholic beer or a weaker version of Soju. Also spelt Ssomac, Seomek or 소맥.

There are different glasses available some bigger, smaller and in different designs. The most interesting thing for us are the measurements which help explain the strength of the drink. These types of glasses can be found in many store across Korea as well as on GMarket and at some bars. They only cost a few dollars each.

Pictures of the Jinro Somek Glass & Box

The box features some quite strange but interesting insights into the feel of drinking in South Korea.

Jinro Somek Glass - Box top

Jinro Somek Glass - Box 4

Jinro Somek Glass - Box 3

Jinro Somek Glass - Box 2

Jinro Somek Glass - Box 1

Jinro Somek Glass - Full


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