Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese - Korea

Cheese is very popular in many different countries and there are countless different brands, types and variations.According to this report (here) the global cheese market in 2012 was worth $72.5billion and will grow to be worth $118billion by 2019. However sadly in South Korea cheese isn’t really a big deal. Although it’s easy to find the plastic mass produced yellow slices, it’s not easy to find reasonable (not great) tasting and priced real cheese. A few years ago Homeplus stocked Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese which helped plug the cheese less void, but then they stopped. However as of the start of March 2014 is Back at Homeplus here in South Korea.

It may seem a little strange or just plain sad that having an average British cheese on the local supermarket shelves, but we like cheese :). The price can differ from store to store, however we paid ₩6,900 this past week so it should be around that price. Also due to the reasons listed above, stock up now or run the risk of missing out. So many great imported products disappear (sellout) within a few months so don’t be surprised to see it gone again in the future.

Of course there are a few other good cheeses available in South Korea, but they are normally more expensive.

Pictures of the Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese

More for those who an unaware of the Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese brand.

Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese - Korea 2

Cathedral City Cheddar Cheese - Korea 3

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