Korean Dried Seasweed Gim - Light

There are many weird and wonderful snacks available here in South Korea from the obvious Potato Chips to Dried Squid. One of the more healthy options (but not the healthiest) is Dried Korean Seaweed or Gim (김). You might have come across it either when eating Sushi or the Korean favorite Kimbap as both can be wrapped in it. Gim is a simple snack or side dish which is which is basically pressed and dried seaweed which is then salted. It has a slight fishy or oceany (if that’s a word?) taste. It’s pretty popular here in Korea with both young and old, and contains high amounts of vitamins but also high salt. It’s also cheap and a basic multipack will only cost around ₩5,000 or $5, singles are cheaper still.

Pictures of Korean Dried Seaweed or Gim (김)

Korean Dried Seasweed Gim - Store

Korean Dried Seasweed Gim - Packet

Korean Dried Seasweed Gim - Package

Korean Dried Seasweed Gim - Packet 1


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