All You Can Drink Makkoli Bupyeong - 5000won

When you hear the phrase “all you can drink” you know it’s going to be a fun night and also you shouldn’t have work in the morning. Surprisingly in South Korea there are a number of places which offer the all you can drink option, and in a country not known to pass on a glass or two. Of course we should take a moment to point out that this type of option should be used sparingly and you should always drink responsibly.

If you don’t already know Makkoli (or Makgeolli / 막걸리), is a type of alcoholic beverage made normally with rice. It’s often referred to as Korean Rice Wine (although it’s not a wine), and is around the same alcoholic strength as beer.

This All You Can Drink Makkoli place is called “막걸리 열전” or “Makkoli Yoljeon” and is located in the heart of Bupyeong (map and directions below). As the title states it’s only 5000 ($5) for all you can drink Makkoli although there is a time limit of 2 hours (and of course it’s per person). Also like with many Korean places you are required to order some food. Although if you’re drinking a load of Makkoli that’s maybe a good idea. The food prices range but are around 12,000 to 20,000 ($12 to $20), you can also order other drinks beer, soju etc.

Thoughts: It’s good value however in 2 hours you’re only really going to be able to drink 3 or 4 bottles and therefore you’re breaking even vs. a supermarket price, however vs. a restaurant you’re saving a good amount of money. The food looked and tasted great, the ingredients used where of a high quality and it was worth the money. We had a 70cm (around 2 foot) long Korean style Seafood Pancake (Jeon), and it was fantastic. Overall it’s a cool place to spend a few hours have some nice food and get drunk. It’s also good value on both the drinks and food.


Firstly the different types of Makkoli we drank at 막걸리 열전:

Makkoli Bar Bupyeong Incheon 1

Makkoli Bar Bupyeong Incheon - Bottles

Makkoli Bar Bupyeong Incheon 5

Makkoli Bar Bupyeong Incheon 4

Makkoli Bar Bupyeong Incheon 3

Makgeolli Bar Bupyeong Incheon 2

Secondly the Food

Long Korean Seafood Pancake

Seafood Jeon - Bupyeong

Cutting Korean Seafood Pancake - Incheon

Finally the Menu and 막걸리 열전 in General (it wasn’t easy to take pictures as the place was pretty busy):

막걸리 열전 Menu

막걸리 열전 Menu 3

막걸리 열전 Menu 2

All You Can Drink Makkoli Bupyeong - Stairs

All You Can Drink Makkoli Bupyeong - Sign

Links, Directions and Map

Directions if you’re coming from Bupyeong Subway Station; firstly enter the underground shopping market and look for exit 12. Then take the first left turn just before the Pharmacy. Then basically walk straight and it’s in the building in front of you on the 3rd floor above Seven Eleven (Previously Buy the Way). It’s also in the same area as popular Western Bars Woodstocks and Cheap Shots. Here is an Interactive Google Maps Link:

Here are a few useful Links:

* Korean Blog called “Pink Chiffon’s Merry Place” with a review of 막걸리 열전 (More Internal Shots)
* More Information about Living in Incheon


As always if you have any questions related to 막걸리 열전, Incheon or Makkoli in General please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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