Byeongbang Market - Fruits

Traditional style markets are a popular place for both young and old, local and foreigner to shop and explore. The Byeongbang Market which is in Byeongbang-Dong, Gyeyang-Gu, Incheon is a nice example of a little local market where people still do their weekly shopping.

In the winter it’s cold and in the summer it’s hot but it’s always open. Also unlikely the major supermarkets you can buy cheap (maybe not perfect) vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and so much more. This is also a nice place to practice speaking Korean and trying a little street food.

Pictures from Byeongbang Market

Here are a few highlights from Byeongbang Market both during Day and at Night:

Byeongbang Market - Incheon

Byeongbang Market - Fruit Juice

Byeongbang Market - Eggs

Byeongbang Market - Inside

Byeongbang Market - Bread

Byeongbang Market - Mart

Byeongbang Market - Cheap Makkoli

Byeongbang Market Food

Byeongbang Market - Night

Location Map, Directions and Links

If you arrive at Imhak Station which is on the Incheon Subway Line, then take exit 4. Walk down the street until you reach the intersection (Lotteria Fast Food Restaurant),  then turn left and then right. The market is in that area and is a little hidden but also difficult to miss.Strangely it’s on Byeongbangsijang Road which is right on the boarder between Imhak-Dong and Byeongbang-Dong.

This map should help out:

More Information can be found here: Gyeyang-gu Office Link


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