Queens Ale Korean Beer - 330ml

When you think of Korean Beer the words High & Quality don’t normally spring to mind. Cheap, Light and Affordable maybe a little higher up the list. However the people over at Hite Jinro (with help from a Danish company) have made Queen’s Ale which which just might have lifted the bar.

Queen’s Ale is just as described a more British Style Ale, and it comes in two forms. Firstly you have Blonde Type; this ale is a little lighter and fruitier, with a slightly bitter taste and a almost flowery aroma. Secondly you have Extra Bitter; this is basically the same as Blonde type just a little thicker and maybe a little less fruity.

Availability; all of the major supermarket along with most larger marts as well as same convenience stores. It comes in either 330ml or 500ml cans as well as 330ml bottles. It’s a little more expensive that most Korean beers but only by 1,000 ($1) or so. That does however put it at a similar price to imported beers.

This is a nice beer to drink on a weeknight or a quiet night in, something more to be enjoyed. If you’re looking to get drunk or make Somek then Cass, Hite, Max or OB maybe a better way to go.

Pictures of Queen’s Ale Korean Beer

Queens Ale Korean Beer - Poured 2

Queens Ale Korean Beer - Extra Bitter

Queens Ale Korean Beer - Can

Queens Ale Korean Beer - Can 2

Queens Ale Korean Beer - Blonde Type

Queens Ale Korean Beer - In Store

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