Sewol Ferry Sinking - South Korea

Firstly we’d like to say our hearts go out to those affected by this terrible accident. This post will focus on the facts of the situation and we’ll try and not let personal feelings and emotions get in the way (although that’s tough). Also although we’ll try and update the information to the best of our abilities, we’re not a news broadcaster and so we’ll link some below so you can build a full picture.

Basic Information

A passenger Ferry traveling between Incheon and Jeju Island both in South Korea started sinking at around 9.00am (local time) Wednesday April 16th.

Currently the curse of the sinking is unclear. However experts have theorized that it either hit a rock or turned sharply, most likely due to going off course. This unbalanced the vessel as cargo shifted.

The ferry started sinking close to the island of Byeongpung or 병풍도 (reported as Byungpoong in some places).

Currently (1pm Friday April 25th) of the 476 passengers & Crew; 174 Rescued (all on the day of the sinking), 121 Unaccounted For and 181 Dead. Of the 476 most (330) are students from Danwon High School in Ansan.


Here are a few maps detailing the rough locations involved:

Byeongpeong Island Location Korea - Sewol Ferry

Byeongpeong Island Location Local - Sewol Ferry

News Images from Korean TV

Sewol Ferry Rescue - Early Stages

Sewol Ferry Sinking - South Korea Rescue

Sewol Ferry Rescue - People Coming to Shore in Shock

Sewol Ferry Rescue - South Korea

Sewol Ferry Rescue - Navy Divers

South Korea Ferry disaster - President Briefing

South Korea Ferry disaster - Rescuing Students

South Korea Ferry disaster - Sewol

South Korea Ferry disaster - Sewol Ferry

Scene on Friday April 25th
Scene on Friday April 25th

Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Many people in Korean and  around the world have started using this yellow ribbon logo as a sign of hope for the missing passengers. As well as a sign of respect for those who’ve died.

Korean Yellow Ribbon - Sewol Ferry Hope

Links for More Information

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