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In South Korea Soju is a way of life for many and it comes in many different forms. From the super strong stuff from China to the expensive luxury brands to the flavored types. Daepo (대포) which translates as Cannon, is in interesting mix of Dandelion and traditional Rice Soju. It comes in an interesting dark brown bottle which makes it look more like a beer.

Thoughts & Details

The taste is smoother and sweeter than regular soju (or Vodka). There is a sight hint of Dandelion but nothing over powering. It’s also has less of a kick than regular Soju. It’s a little plain but a nice option during the week with work looming the next morning.

Basic Details:
Origin: South Korea
Proof: 13% Alcohol
Size: 330ml Bottle
Cost: Between 1500 to 3000 ($1.50 to $3)
Availability: Most Supermarkets and Larger Marts in South Korea

Pictures of “Daepo / Cannon” Dandelion Rice Soju

Dandelion Rice Soju - Daepo

Dandelion Rice Soju - Korean

Dandelion Rice Soju - Top

Dandelion Rice Soju - Cannon

Dandelion Rice Soju - With Food


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