Stout Korean Black Beer - Poured

“Stout” is a Korean Black / Dark Beer (스타우트) from the leading Korean Beer producer Hite (Hite-Jinro). The name is a little bit misleading at it’s not a Stout Beer, it’s a dark lager. When you think of Stout from think of Guinness. Well this sadly isn’t a Korean version and it’s more like Beck’s Dark. However looking past the misleading name it’s an above average Korean Beer, it’s taste is rich and full and it’s an enjoyable drink.

  • The price is the same as the normal local brews W1800 to W5000 depending on size.
  • It’s available from most marts, supermarkets and convenience stores. Some beer bars all stock it.
  • 5% Alcoholic Content by Volume.
  • Made from German Dark Roasted Malt

Overall, an enjoyable value beer during the Late Autumn, Winter and Spring months. Maybe a little heavy for during the summer.

Pictures of Stout Korean Black Beer

Stout Korean Dark Beer - Can

Korean Black Beer Stout

Korean Black Beer - Stout Can Side


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