Herbnara Farm Gangwon-Do Main House

Herbnara Farm in Gangwon-Do South Korea is an interesting and relaxing place to spend a lazy afternoon. With most people in South Korea living in large cities it can be difficult to find quiet, fresh and relaxing locations. Most Koreans travel to the countryside during their holidays in order to detox from city life. One popular place to visit is the Gangwon-Do region (less than 3 hours from Seoul). Within Gangwon-Do there are many places to visit including Herbnara Farm.

Herbnara Farm is more of a botanical garden than a farm and is home to a wide range of different flowers, herbs and tree. They also have a few birds and animals, as well as the normal resources restaurant, craft workshops, museum type displays and of course stores.
One drawback is the location, unless your can drive it quite remote and hard to access. Secondly the admission price is a little high for a small group or family.
However it’s a nice place to visit, it’s not overly busy and it’s peaceful.

Pictures of/from Herbnara Farm

Herbnara Farm Gangwon-Do - River

Herbnara Farm Gangwon-Do Flowers

Herbnara Farm Gangwon-Do Inside Herb Bench

Herbnara Farm Gangwon-Do Inside

Herbnara Farm Gangwon-Do Turkey Korea

Herbnara Farm Gangwon-Do Zebra Plant

Shakespeares Bust and House - Gangwon South Korea

Herbnara Farm - Gangwon-Do River 1

Website, Location and Contact Information for Herbnara Farm

Official Website: herbnara.co.kr

Visit Korea Page: english.visitkorea.or.kr…

Admission Price: 7,000 (peak season) ~ 5,000 (Off-peak Season), discounts available.

Address: 303, Heungjeong-ri, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-Do.
Phone: 033-335-2902


As always if you have any questions related to Herbnara Farm or Gangwon-Do in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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