Lotte Kloud Korean Beer

“Kloud” is a Korean Lager Beer from Lotte (in Korean 클라우드). If you’re ever in Korea you’ll have seen the brand / company Lotte. They have their fingers in numerous pies, from Fast Food to Supermarkets to Construction to name a few. Now they’re trying to enter the domestic beer market. Previously there have only been 2 big players in the beer market Hite-Jinro and OB. There are a handful of smaller companies and microbrewery’s but they are more high end.

The beer was released towards the end of last month (April 2014) with a small amount of marketing and press coverage, which basically tried to highlight the beers quality and flavor. However the beer doesn’t really live up to the hype. It’s sadly no better (or worse) than other domestic Korean beers, the price at the moment seems similar.

  • The price is the same as the normal local brews 1800 to 5000 depending on size.
  • It’s available from most marts, supermarkets and convenience stores. Some beer bars also stock it.
  • 5% Alcoholic Content by Volume.
  • Made from 100% Malt.

Overall, it’s a nice change of pace but nothing to go out of your way to buy. Better drank in the summer as it’s light and refreshing.

Pictures of Kloud Korean Beer from Lotte

Lotte Kloud Korean Beer Can Lotte Kloud Korean Beer Can 3 Lotte Kloud Korean Beer Can 2 Lotte Kloud Korean Beer 2 Lotte Kloud Korean Beer 1

This is the six pack set which also include Doritos:

Lotte Kloud Korean Beer Pack Lotte Kloud Korean Beer Doritos Set Lotte Kloud Korean Beer Set Lotte Kloud Korean Beer 6 pack Lotte Kloud Korean Beer 6 pack side

Advertizements for Kloud Beer

Here is a Korean TV Ad for Kloud Beer.


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