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The interest in Ales and higher quality beers has become the main source of interest involving Korean Brewers. OB or Oriental brewery (owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev) entered into this new market with Aleston (에일스톤) which is described as a “British Style Ale” and comes in two forms, Black Ale & Brown Ale. The price point is around W2500 for a 500ml can. There are also 330 bottles and can as well as 6 packs. The price similar to Queen’s Ale (from Hite0-Jinro) as well as a host of different imported brews.

Thoughts: It’s OK, it’s better than the normal domestic beers such as Cass and Hite but at the same point it’s more expensive. However it’s not as good as Queen’s Ale and in our opinion it’s no better than most imports. Sadly it’s a little over priced, however if you see it 20% off or there is a special offer is worth while giving a go. Also we preferred the Black Ale over the Brown Ale.

Pictures of Aleston Korean Ale

Aleston Korean Ale OB - 6 pack Aleston Korean Ale OB at Homeplus Aleston Korean Ale OB Black Aleston Korean Ale OB Brown 1 Aleston Korean Ale OB Brown

More Information on Aleston Beer

Here are a few links with more information and images of Korean Beer Aleston.

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