South Korean World Cup 2014 Fans Shirt Design

For every sports fan showing your support for your team (or nation) is extremely important. One way of doing that is by wearing the teams colors. Here in South Korea we’re luck enough to have World Cup 2014 Supporters Shirts / Jerseys. These are released every world cup and allow fans to show there support for the team without breaking the bank. The shirts are less than half the price of the Nike made shirts / jerseys worn by the players, but are still official merchandise and have the national teams badge. This year the tag line is “We Are The Reds!”

Basic Information

Where? Homeplus as well as other Korean Supermarkets and Department Stores.
Price? 17,900 at Homeplus and some of the child versions are cheaper. (as of June 13th it seem as if Homeplus have lowered the prices)
When? Now until the end of the World Cup.

If you’re in South Korea during the world cup make sure to pick one of these up, either to support the team or just as a souvenir.

Pictures of the Supporters Shirts and In Stores Displays

First here are the Supporters Shirts / Jerseys on sale at Homeplus, they’re also selling some related merchandise:

South Korean World Cup 2014 Merchandise South Korean World Cup 2014 Homeplus Sell Sign South Korean World Cup 2014 Shirts South Korean World Cup 2014 Soccer Footballs

Secondly here are a few close ups of the Supporters Shirts / Jerseys:

South Korean World Cup 2014 Supporters Shirt South Korean World Cup 2014 Jerseys Packaged South Korean World Cup 2014 Close

A scarf for just 8,000
A scarf for just 8,000

South Korea National Football Team Emblem

World Cup Live Events

There are live screening of the games (well at least the 1st game) across the country. Most schools are having events for their students but plenty of people will be filling bars and restaurants for this quadrennial event.

Large screens have been put up at Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul (directions and location here) and a few thousand people are expected to watch the games.

The Hyundai Fan Park should be showing both the final 2 games. It’s located in Gangnam not far from Samsung Station and Coex Mall.

Hyundai World Cup Fan Park Seoul Ad


Here are all of the World Cup 2014 fixtures in English but with South Korea (KST) dates and times: CLICK HERE

If you have any questions or comments regarding the World Cup 2014 or the South Korean Football Team please feel free to let us know, either via email, our Social Media Homes or by commenting below.

Thank you and enjoy the World Cup!

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