Incheon Cat Cafe Outside Gyesan

Often when you think of a novelty cafe the first thought that comes to mind is the Cat Cafe. In South Korea there are many and they can be pretty popular with a whole range of people. From cat lovers to people who can’t afford their own to couples on a  fun date. Recently we went to a cat cafe aptly called “I Love Cat” located in the Gyesan area of Incheon.

Thoughts: Firstly it’s very clean and tidy, there are no nasty cat smells either. The cats are all very healthy and look well cared for. As with most Cat Cafes the cats are used to new people but have little interest in you. They also had a couple of Sphynx breed cats, the first we’d ever seen. The cats were fun to watch and the few that want attention was calm and friendly. The Coffee was average but you’re not really there for amazing coffee.

The price is 8,000 and that includes one drink. Here is the menu from I Love Cat;

Incheon Cat Cafe Menu

Pictures from “I Love Cat” Cat Cafe

Firstly the main reason for going the cats;

Wall of Different Cats
Wall of Different Cats

Incheon Cat Cafe Gyeyang Incheon Cat Cafe Waiter Incheon Cat Cafe Sleepy Incheon Cat Cafe Lion Incheon Cat Cafe Interested

A Sphynx Cat
A Sphynx Cat

Incheon Cat Cafe Books

Secondly here is the coffee;

Incheon Cat Cafe Coffee 1 Incheon Cat Cafe Coffee Incheon Cat Cafe Coffee Plain

Location of “I Love Cat” Cat Cafe

The I Love Cat Cafe in location close to the Gyeyang-Gu district office (계양구청) Building in Gyesan. It’s best accessed by bus, the number 88 goes to the distrast office however it depends on where you’re traveling from to know the best bus route. From the district office go straight and along the street next to the post office and the district office. At the end of this road turn right and it’s inside the row of building on the left.
If traveling via Subway, the closest stop is Imhak Station (Incheon Line), take exit 2 and then walk across the main road towards lotte mart. Turn left here looking towards Homeplus and then turn right. After this follow the previous directions.
Here is a map to help further:


Here is a link to the “I Love Cat” blog: Coming Soon Currently Offline

As always if you have any questions related to “I Love Cat” Cat Cafe, Coffee Shops in Korea or just the Gyesan area of Incheon in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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