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During the summer there often nothing nicer than spending a few hours relaxing at the park. We were recently in the Imhak area of Incheon and went to the park to enjoy the Sunshine. Imhak Park or 임학공원 sits right at the foot of Gyeyang Mountain and therefore it’s only one step away from nature. It’s a beautiful park with well kept trees and brushes as well as some lovely flowers. It’s not overly busy (maybe due to it’s location) and it has the advantages of most Korean parks such as free exercise equipment, bathrooms and nearby markets. If you’re in the Imhak or Gyesan areas of Incheon this park is well worth spending a few hours enjoying the Korean Summer sunshine.

Pictures from Around Imhak Park in Gyeyang, Incheon

Imhak Park Incheon Flowers Imhak Park Incheon Grass Imhak Park Incheon More Flowers Imhak Park Incheon Pathway Imhak Park Incheon Seating Area Imhak Park Incheon Trail towards Gyeyang Mountain Imhak Park Incheon Tree Imhak Park Incheon View Across Imhak Park Incheon Wildflowers

Imhak Park Incheon Snacks
Our Snacks for the afternoon 🙂

Location of Imhak Park and Directions

Directions: If you’re traveling by Bus there is only one option the number 584. This bus stops at Bupyeong Market and Galsan Station (as well as many others), you need to get off just after the stop for Gyeyang Mountain and Gyesan Boys High School. The park is across the road and on the left behind some small apartment buildings.
If taking the Subway it’s easier to go to Gyesan Station (Incheon Line) take exit 4 and walk up the hill toward the mountain. Then turn right and follow the road until the first left turn, the park is there.
Here is a Google Maps Link:


As always if you have any questions related to the Imhak Park or this area of Incheon in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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