Famous Korean Banana Milkshake

One of the slightly strange but famous Korean products is Banana Mat Milk or 바나나맛 우유. 맛 in Korean translates as Taste (or flavor) which makes sense as this is simply a banana flavored milk drink. It has over 55,000 likes on it’s 2 Facebook Pages which is amazing for such a small product. It’s basically available at every market, supermarket or convenience store across Korea partly due to it’s popularly and also due to it’s long shelf life. It’s cheap at around W1000 ($1) and is a healthier option over a soda. The foil lid also gives it an English Milk Bottle feel.

It comes in a few other flavors including Strawberry and Melon. This is something everyone who visits Korea should try at least once.

More Pictures of Banana Mat Milk, Links and TV Ad

Korean Banana Mat Milk 1 Korean Banana Mat Milk

Korean Banana Mat Owyou Korean Banana Milk Bottle Korean Banana Milk Top

Official English Facebook Page

* Official Korean Facebook Page

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