South Korea June 4th Election Booklets

Here in South Korea we have some upcoming Local Government Elections. Although not as big as the national / presidential elections they are still important and can lead to changes both locally and nationally. Different areas have different positions being contested but in general most seem to be having Local Governors, Mayors and heads of department (such as Education or Transportation).

Although foreign nationals cannot vote, the election could affect people both on the day (transport, traffic, work etc) and more long term. At the moment it seems like people are unhappy with the current government (for various reasons) and might vote for new local government leaders. Which in turn might change funding for local projects and the creation of new projects.

Election Day – Wednesday June 4th 2014

Firstly as there seems to be a little confusion about this, Wednesday June 4th is NOT a national holiday. However (as confirmed on Friday) it is a Public Holiday and so most public schools, government offices, immigration offices, universities, banks and other businesses will be closed due to the elections. Employers are required (by law) to give their employees enough time to go and vote during the polling hours of 6am to 6pm. However they are not required to close. There are also other times when people can vote in a situation like being out of the area.

Details on these rules can be read here (in Korean):

South Korea June 4th Election Holiday Details

Flyers and Campaign Information

The number of flyers and campaign letters is pretty overwhelming. But the information provided can be quite interesting as each candidate is required to provide a full background check including education, finances and criminal. Surprisingly some people do have criminal records but nothing worse than driving without insurance or failing to pay a hospital bill on time.

The pictures are the usual fake political poses. Here are some examples:

South Korea June 4th Election Returning Mayor of Seo-Gu South Korea June 4th Election Posters South Korea June 4th Election Flyers South Korea June 4th Election Housewife South Korea June 4th Election Support Korea

Also big banner and signs can be seem pretty much everywhere. But will be gone by June 7th:

South Korea June 4th Election Banners in Cheongna

Also votes normally get a big letter packed by flyers as well as voting details:

South Korea June 4th Election Letter South Korea June 4th Election Info

Links with More Information and Updates

Coming Soon or on the Day.

2014 Korean Election Red Stamp which shows that you've voted
2014 Korean Election Red Stamp which shows that you’ve voted


If you have any questions or comments regarding these Local Elections or anything related to them please feel free to let us know, either via email, our Social Media Homes or by commenting below.

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