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One thing that isn’t a rarity in South Korea are restaurants especially chain restaurants. Recently we went a School Food Blooming Mari Restaurant, which focuses on Korean food but often with a little twist. They are popular with students as it’s cheap but the quality is still high. Their are a few locations outside of Korea (Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and USA), but we’re focusing on the Korean based chain.

Thoughts: Firstly as already mentioned School Food offers good value food with most dishes under 10,000 and therefore similar to a traditional Korean Restaurant. We went for the Tteokbokki and the Iced Noodles (naengmyoen). Both had a few extra options such as sides and spice level. The bill was under 20,000 and we were happy and full. One other benefit was that the menu was also in English.

Overall it’s a nice place to visit for lunch and it won’t break the bank.

Pictures from School Food Blooming Mari

Here are a few of the inside and of the menus;

School Food Blooming Mari Light School Food Blooming Mari Offers School Food Blooming Mari Menu

Secondly here are a couple of dishes we enjoyed;

School Food Blooming Mari Ttokboki Sundae School Food Blooming Mari Ice Noodles Ttokboki Korean Food

Links and Locations

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There are numerous School Food locations around much of South Korea. The best way to find the one closest to you is by search 스쿨푸드 on either Google Maps or Naver Maps. You can also check out this link from their site:

The one pictured above is located in central Songdo in Incheon.


As always if you have any questions related to School Food Blooming Mari or Chain restaurants in Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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