Korean Moon Soju Wol

One of the most well known Korean beverages is Soju, and although many enjoy it’s strong taste it can be a little much at times. Also with the summer now here and the weather therefore nicer more people will be looking for something nice (and maybe softer) to drink in the park, at the beach or at home. There are  of course other options over drinking soju but when in Seoul it’s nice to drink the local way, and this is when Wol or Moon Soju could be the answer.

Taste – This soju is still strong but is a little softer and crisper.
Price – Is similar to regular soju maybe 20% more.
Where – It seems to be on sale in most large supermarkets as well as good sized local supermarket, here in South Korea.
Producer – Korean Company / Brewers Bohae.
Overall – It’s a nice easier to drink straight over regular Soju such as Jinro.

Pictures of Wol Moon Soju

Korean Moon Soju Bottle Korean Moon Soju Front Korean Moon Soju Back Korean Moon Soju Barcode Korean Moon Soju top Korean Moon Soju Wol Soju

Advertizement Campaigns

Here is a TV advertizement campaign for Wol Moon Soju;

Korean Actress Han Ga-In endosed Wol Moon Soju in this poster campaign.


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