Daebak Makkoli - Bottle Summer

As you might have guessed from our previous posts we like Makkoli. Also unlike beer here in Korea there is a wide range of domestically produced options. One of our favorites on the cheaper end of the market is Daebak (대박), which translates as Awesome. The name is pretty apt as this makkoli is before good value and enjoyable to drink.

Taste – Quite smooth with a nice aroma. It also has a slightly ricey taste.
Price – Around 1200 to 2000 (normally the lower range price).
Where – Here in South Korea it’s available it most supermarkets both large and small. As well as medium sized marts and convenience stores.
Overall – It’s a nice and refreshing Makkoli to drink on a summers day in the park or whilst hiking.

Pictures of Daebak Makkoli in the Summer Sunshine

Daebak Makkoli - Empty Bottle Daebak Makkoli - Imhak Park Incheon Daebak Makkoli - Outside Daebak Makkoli - Panda Cup Daebak Makkoli - Picnic Daebak Makkoli - With Korean Pancake

TV advertizement and Posters

Here is a TV ad campaign featuring Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun (전지현):

Here is a Poster also featuring Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun (전지현):

Daebak Makkoli Poster


For more information on the Park where we took these photos, please click here: Imhak Park in Incheon

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