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There are countless coffee shops in Seoul and it seems like a good number of them are in the student area of Hongdae. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to find the quality from just the cool. However Coffee Prison is a good combination of both.

Thoughts: Firstly the coffee is excellent, it’s of a high quality and not over powered by sugars and flavors. Secondly it’s cheap, just 2,000 for a grande / 600ml or 16oz Americano (Black Coffee) or 2,500 for the iced 20oz version (full menu pictured below). Finally the shop itself is super basic but to an extent that makes it hip and cool.

This is our favorite coffee place in Hongdae and certainly top 5 in the whole of Korea (and therefore the world 🙂 ). It’s cool, quality and value all in one small little place. If you’re in the Hongdae area it’s well worth checking out.

Pictures from Coffee Prison in Hongdae Seoul

Firstly here are a few pictures from both the inside and outside of this chic coffee shop in Hongdae;

Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Sign Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Outside Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Sign 2 Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Inside Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Menu

Secondly here is the coffee, which is always Grande;

Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Ice Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Hot Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Latte Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Vanilla Latte Coffee Prison Hongdae Seoul Instagram

Location and Directions to Coffee Prison

As already mentioned it’s not far from Hongdae and Hongik University. If you’re traveling by subway leave Hongik University Station via exit 9 and then either turn left at KFC and continue straight and then take the 2nd left. After that take the first right and walk up the hill (this street has many clothes shops). At the top of the hill turn right and it’s about 50 to 100m on your left.
The other route is to walk up to the main entrance to the university and turn  left, continue down this road for maybe 4/5 minutes and it’s on the right side of the road.

Here is a map showing the rough location of Coffee Prison;

So far as far as we know there aren’t any direct online links.


As always if you have any questions related to Coffee Prison or Coffee in Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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