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Sundae (순대) or Korean Black Pudding / Blood Sausage is an easily found Korean street food. However it’s often one of those things that people overlook due partly because of it’s appearance. As with a traditional sausage it’s a pig or cow intestine filled with meat, glass noodles (normally soaked in blood) as well as vegetables and other ingredients (it depends on the region and style).

Thoughts: We personally really like Sundae and will whenever possible have some whilst eating Tteokbokii. It’s also normally pretty cheap with a place from a street seller costing between 2,000 and 4,000 ($2 to $4) and a 1kg supermarket version costing between 10,000 and 15,000 ($10 to $15).

If you want to try some traditional Korean food then Sundae should be on your list. Also unlike Kimchi and Tteokbokii it isn’t spicy.

Pictures of Sundae at Home and Professional Served

Firstly here’s the home prepared and cooked version;

Sundae Korean Sausage Packet Sundae Korean Sausage Full Sundae Korean Sausage Cutting Sundae Korean Sausage Prep Sundae Menu Korean Homemade

Secondly here in the professional hof version, from a place just up the hill from Gyesan Station (Incheon);

Sundae Korean Hof Gyesan Incheon Sundae Korean Sausage Menu Hof


As always if you have any questions related to Sundae or interesting Korean food in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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