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A few weeks ago we wrote a post about the famous Korean Banana Mat (Tasty) Milk (CLICK HERE) which is also called (). The company which produces this famous and popular drink also produces a couple of other flavors Strawberry and Melon. Strawberry milk doesn’t really come as much of a surprise, however Melon milk is not something you’d often find in the west (or at least the UK).

Thoughts: We personally like this drink, honestly it’s maybe not as good as the Banana version but it’s nice. The taste is as you’d expect a mix of melon and milk. Some may find it a little sweet but we like it. We did see a video review (below) and were expecting the worst but ended up pleasantly surprised.

Pictures of Melon Mat Milk

Melon Mat Milk Korea 2 Melon Mat Milk Korea Melon Tasty Milk Korea Melon Mat Milk Korea Top Melon Mat Milk Korea with Banana Milk

Links and Videos for Melon Mat Milk

Here is the already mentioned Eat Your Kimchi video review for Melon Milk, in this case our options differ;

* Official Korean Facebook Page

* Company Webpage


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