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Here in South Korea the idea of discount coupon or deal websites and apps has taken off in the past couple of years. Currently they are only in Korean but with a little knowledge of Hangul (Korean) it’s possible to use and enjoy them. A short while ago we saw an interesting offer for a hof / pub discount, basically 14,000 (peak) / 12,000 (off peak) for 20,000’s worth of food or 20,000 / 24,000 for 40,000’s worth of food. Which was a pretty nice saving and made 33 Pocha well worth checking out.

Thoughts: The hof itself is pretty standard, with the normal range of hof / pub style foods and drinks on the menu. The nice thing was that the menu was reasonable priced and therefore combining the nice discount meant that the overall bill was a lot less than normal. The staff were nice and helpful but didn’t speak much English, fortunately we speak Korean.

Overall the discount coupon was well worth getting and honestly if we’re in the area again we’d go back to 33 Pocha and pay the normal price as sadly the deal is no longer available.

Pictures from 33 Pocha – Gyesan, Incheon

Firstly here is the menu, more details from TMon and a few from around the Hof;

33 Pocha Hof Tmon Incheon Offer 33 Pocha Hof Tmon Incheon Drink Menu 33 Pocha Hof Tmon Incheon Gas Stove

Secondly here’s some food and drink which we enjoyed;

33 Pocha Hof Tmon Incheon Food 33 Pocha Hof Tmon Incheon Sausage Cheese Gyesan 33 Pocha Hof Tmon Incheon Egg Roll 33 Pocha Hof Tmon Incheon Stew 33 Pocha Hof Tmon Incheon Soju Beer 33 Pocha Hof Tmon Incheon OB Beer Pitcher

Location of 33 Pocha Hof

Here are some basic directions to 33 Pocha. If you’re traveling from Imhak Station (Incheon Line 1) take exit 2 and walk South towards Lotte Mart. Once there turn left and past Homeplus. After Homeplus it’s the second street on the right and it’s a little along and on the left. Here is a map of it’s rough location, this is the heart of the Imhak/Gyesan area and there are numerous bars, hofs and restaurants.


As always if you have any questions related to TMon, 33 Pocha or anything else in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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