Homemade Kimbap Ball Finished

Making Korean Food can seem strange and alien for those not used to it, however there are a number of simple and easy to make Korean dishes and snacks. Here we have Kimbap Balls which as the name suggest is similar to the famous Kimbap. It’s very easy to make and tastes great. You can also add whatever filling you little and therefore have it suit you.

The Ingredients for Making Kimbap Balls

Here are the basic Ingredients required to make Kimbap Balls;

  • Cooked Sticky Rice
  • Dried Seaweed / Gim
  • Sesame Oil and Seeds
  • Filling – Tuna, Egg or Anything you like

Step by Step Process to Making Kimbap Balls

Here is are simple step by step guide to making Kimbap Balls with pictures;

Step 1 – Add a teaspoon of Sesame Oil and a good covering of Sesame Seeds to the Cooked Rice. The rice should be cooled but not cold.

Homemade Kimbap Ball Rice

Step 2 – Prepare a filling(s) for your Kimbap Balls. We made a spicy onion, radish and garlic mix as well as the traditional Tuna.

Homemade Kimbap Ball Filling

Step 3 – Take a handful of rice and flatten into a pancake. Place the fill in the middle.

Homemade Kimbap Ball Tuna Homemade Kimbap Ball Fill

Step 4 – Mold the rice intro a ball with the filling in the middle. Add extra rice if needed.

Homemade Kimbap Ball Step

Step 5 – Cut the Dried Seaweed / Gim into small strips.

Homemade Kimbap Ball Seaweed Gim

Step 6 – Place the strips of Dried Seaweed / Gim evenly onto your rice balls.

Homemade Kimbap Ball Cover

Step 7 – Eat and Enjoy or cover in foil for lunch, a picnic or whatever.

Homemade Kimbap Ball Wrap


If you have any questions or comments regarding Kimbap Balls or Korean Food in general please feel free to let us know, either via email, our Social Media Homes or by commenting below.

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