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Delivery Food here in South Korea is big business with Chicken, Pizza, Chinese and of course Korean Food being just a sample of whats on offer. One of our favorite Chicken places is Chick’n The Home (치킨더홈), which has locations across most of South Korea. With there being so many to choose from it can be a slight shot in the dark and so we’d recommend this one.

Thoughts: Firstly the price is similar if not a little less than the main competition. Secondly there is a good range of different chicken options from the traditional plain fried, to sauced and the one pictured above Pa Tak (Spring Onion Chicken). Finally you also normally get a bottle of soda and some simple side dishes.
The only negative is that to order by phone you need to speak Korean (obviously) and there isn’t an online option. However Phone Apps such as YoGiYo can help as well as some English Hotline Help Services.

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Here is the Chick’n The Home Homepage with details on locations (Korean):

As always if you have any questions about Chick’n The Home or delivery food in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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