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If you live in or visit regularly a new area one of the first things you try and find is a quality local coffee shop (also on the list is a bar, restaurant, bank and many more 🙂 ). As we spend a lot of time in Cheongna which is a new area of Incheon this was a must find. After visiting a number of overprice franchises we finally found are current favorite place is Cho Gao Coffee

Thoughts: Firstly the most important thing the coffee, it’s very tasty with a strong taste and beautiful aroma. Secondly the price, standard not expensive but at the same point not expensive. Finally the coffee shop itself, it’s as an interesting and cozy interior but also a nice outside seating area which we prefer. The only negative is the location as it’s a little far away from basically anything else (unless you live in the neighboring apartment building).

Pictures from Cho Gao Coffee

Cho Gao Cheongna Incheon Cho Gao Cheongna Incheon Coffee Cho Gao Cheongna Incheon Iced Cho Gao Cheongna Incheon Latte 2 Cho Gao Cheongna Incheon Latte Cho Gao Cheongna Incheon Cup Cho Gao Cheongna Incheon Cookies Cho Gao Cheongna Incheon Jaguar Coffee Beans

Location of Cho Gao Coffee in Cheongna

This Cho Gao Coffee in located in the Cheongna International City area of Incheon. It’s located in the central area and right next to Lotte Mart in part of the Lotte Castle Complex. Here is a Business Card and Map with contact details etc;

Cho Gao Cheongna Incheon Card

Here is a map, we tried using Google Maps but it keep coming up with Yellow Sea!?!. But this is the Location;

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If you have any questions or comments regarding Cho Gao Coffee, Coffee in Korea or the Cheongna area in general please feel free to let us know, either via email, our Social Media Homes or by commenting below.

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