Mr Breeze Coffee Korea Take out Park

There are many different coffee shop chains here in South Korea and they differ in many different ways price, quality, ethos etc. Mr. Breeze fall in the slightly cheaper and everyday coffee shop, it’s not overly expensive but you still get a good cup of coffee. Of course you can spend double at Starbucks and get maybe a better overall coffee but if you’re on a budget Mr. Breeze is well worth a go.
Also like most Korean coffee shops they almost always have free WIFI as well as an extensive menu of different coffees, teas, snacks and other drinks.

Pictures and Links

Mr Breeze Coffee Korea Hot Table Mr Breeze Coffee Korea Black Mr Breeze Coffee Korea - Jakjeon Mr Breeze Coffee Korea - Cheongna Mr Breeze Coffee Korea Inside

Mr. Breeze Coffee Korea - Cheongna Park Mr. Breeze Coffee Korea Take Out

Mr. Breeze Website: (Mostly in Korea but titles are in English)


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