Korean Lemon Tea Rest

Although we’re still in the middle of the summer it’s always useful to think ahead to those slightly cooler days in both Fall (autumn) and Winter. Something which many people have to their fridge here in Korea is a jar of Sweet Lemon Tea. Korean Sweet Lemon Tea is very useful for helping ease the symptoms of cold, flu and other winter issues.

It’s both simple and cheap to make and can last a few week at least. Our 8 step guide normally takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete and then you can enjoy some refreshing Korean Sweet Lemon Tea.

Ingredients for Korean Sweet Lemon Tea

  • Lemons
  • Sugar
  • Baking Powder (optional for cleaning)

Korean Lemon Tea - Lemons

Also clean Jars for storage;

Korean Lemon Tea Jars

Step by Step Guide to making Korean Sweet Lemon Tea

1 – Clean the lemon by rubbing them with baking powder. (This is suggested but not a requirement)

Korean Lemon Tea Clean

2 – Boil the lemons until soft

Korean Lemon Tea Cook

3 – Drain the water and allow the lemons to cool.

Korean Lemon Tea Dry

4 – Slice the lemons thinly, around 1 to 2mm wide.

Korean Lemon Tea Cut Korean Lemon Tea Sliced Korean Lemon Tea Sliced 1

5 – Fill the base of your jar with sugar.

Korean Lemon Tea Sugar Base

6 – Press the Lemons into the jar tightly, adding sugar as you go.

Korean Lemon Tea Press Lemons

7 – Add extra sugar on the top.

Korean Lemon Tea Sugar Top

8 – Allow to rest for at least 48 hours and then enjoy. To Drink add one or two slices of lemon and a spoonful of the juice to a mug, and then add hot water (you could also make an iced version).


If you have any questions regarding making Korean Sweet Lemon Tea or if you have anything you’d like to add please let us know either here or via our social media channels.

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