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Delivery Food here in South Korea is big business with Chicken, Pizza, Chinese and of course Korean Food being just a sample of whats on offer. One of our favorite Pizza places for both Take Out and Delivery (selected locations) is 59 Pizza (59 피자), which has locations across most of South Korea.

Thoughts: Firstly as suggested in the title the prices of the pizzas are very reasonable, with the cheapest costly a little as 5000 ($5) and even the most luxury versions around the 10,000 ($10) mark. Secondly the quality of both the ingredients used and the overall service is better than used expect from a small place like this. Fresh seafood and meats being the main advantage. Finally the range of toppings and side dishes is good and they even have some more western style options, although there is one sweet potato pizza on the menu.

Pictures of a few 59 Pizza Pizzas plus Links

59 Pizza Korea Box 59 Pizza Korea Combination Pizza 59 Pizza Korea Combination 2 59 Pizza Korea Combination Pizza 1 59 Pizza Korea Meat and Seafood 59 Pizza South Korea Pizza 59 Pizza Korea Shrimp


59 Pizza Homepage: 59pizza.co.kr

A Simple Menu Listing can be found here: funnory.tistory.com/185


As always if you have any questions about 59 Pizza or delivery food in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

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