Ikea Adde Chair in Korea Parts

When you think of budget flat-pack yet quality furniture you think of Ikea, even when you search furniture on Google Ikea is number 3 on the search results. However at the moment in Korea there are no Ikea Stores (although one is being built not far from Gangnam, Seoul). There are other options but it’s either very expensive or low quality. But there is some good news, some selected Ikea products are appearing on online shopping sites such as G Market. They seem to be shipped in via Hong Kong, Taiwan or China and therefore they’re a tiny bit more expensive (maybe 10%).

We recently bought a couple of Adde Chairs on G Market, they set us back just 15,000 each. The instructions were very simple and we put both together in under 15 minutes. The quality and style are both what you might expect from Ikea and well worth the money. The only negative is that at the moment the product is sold out on G Market and there don’t seem to be many other Ikea products listed at the moment. Fingers crossed more will appear soon.

Pictures of The Ikea Adde Chair

Ikea Adde Chair in Korea Package Ikea Adde Chair in Korea Label Ikea Adde Chair in Korea Parts Ikea Adde Chair in Korea Complete


As always if you have any questions about The Adde Chair, Korean household products or Ikea in Korea in general please feel free to let us know. Either below, by Email or via Twitter or Facebook.

Tim & Jeonghye
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