Korean Moisture Absorber Fresh

Hot humid summers and cold dry winters are constants within South Korean life. One of the resulting issues during the humid summer month can be mold and damp. Within the whole of an apartment or home the best option is a dehumidifier, however they can be very expensive. The best option for cupboard, wardrobe and at least a small space is a Moisture Absorber pack. They cost normally around 1000 ($1) and can be processed from any large supermarket, daiso or even some convenience stores. They hope just your clothes and other items dry and are a must when living in South Korea. Even if you’re just here for a few weeks they are a worthwhile investment.

Pictures of Korean Moisture Absorbers

Korean Moisture Absorber Charcoal Korean Moisture Absorber from Daiso Korean Moisture Absorber Natural Korean Moisture Absorbers 1 Korean Moisture Absorbers


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