Garten Bier South Korea Table Beer Chiller

This weeks Photo Wednesday was taken just outside at Garten Bier (one of the Hongdae Branches). It’s of an interesting feature of this particular bar/ pub, a built in table beer chiller which keeps your beer cool even on a hot, humid summers eve. We’ve never seen this type of thing at other bars in South Korea and the glasses are also a unique shape. The one pictured is a single but they also come in the larger double and triple sizes. If you like your beer cool this is for you.

Extra Photos

Here are a few more pictures from Garten Bier and of the table Beer Chiller / Cooler.

Garten Bier South Korea Table Beer Cooler Garten Bier South Korea Napkins Garten Bier South Korea Fried Chicken Garten Bier South Korea Fried Chicken 1


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