Kudzu ChikJerb Korean Health Drink

Natural and herbal health products are very popular here in South Korea and generally cheaper than more man-made health products. This product is 칡즙 (Chik/Jerb) or Arrowroot / Kudzu, it’s a pure drink with no additives. Arrowroot has a number of health benefits including a high amount of Folates, B-Vitamins, Copper, Iron and it’s also Gluten-free. The drink itself tastes quite woody and bitter but things that are good for you don’t always taste nice :). It’s also cheap normally around 1000 to 2000 ($1 or $2). It’s mainly popular with middle-aged and elderly people here in Korea, but can benefit anyone.

Pictures of Arrowroot / Kudzu Korean Health Drink also known as 칡즙 (Chikjerb)

Kudzu ChikJerb Korean Health Drink Pack Arrowroot ChikJerb Korean Health Drink Arrowroot ChikJerb Korean Health Drink glass


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