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Health, Energy and/or  Vitamin drinks are very popular here in South Korea and therefore is stands to reason that there would be a wide range of different options. When it comes to Vitamin drinks Vita 500 (비타 500) is the market leader. It’s names relates to the amount of Vitamin-C it contains and as you might expect it tastes like a sugary/medicinal mix. It normally costs less than 1000 ($1) and can be found at basically any supermarket, mart or convenience store.

Pictures & Videos of Vita 500

Firstly here are a few more pictures of Vita 500;

Vita 500 Korean Label Vita 500 Korean Nautral Energy Vita 500 Korean Bottle Vita 500 Korean - Suzy

Suzy Army Vita 500

vita 500 logo

Secondly here are a few YouTube Videos promoting Vita 500 and featuring KPOP Star Suzy;


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