Home Made Korean Bosam Finished

As the old saying goes food always tastes better if you’ve made it yourself. So with that in mind and with a little help from a simple pack of spices we made some delicious Bossam (Korean Steamed Pork) or 보쌈. It turned out to be a pretty simple to both prepare and cook. Basically you add pork, vegetables, spices, seasoning and a simple sauce all into a rice cooker and cook for around 40mins. Cut when slightly cooled and enjoy. We enjoy it with a mixture of lettuce and cabbage leaves plus a few sauces, but it can also be eaten with rice or basically anything you like.

Pictures of Making Bossam at Home

Here are a few images showing the process, it’s very simple to do but can be hard to master;

Home Made Korean Bosam Pork Veg Home Made Korean Bosam BeforeHome Made Korean Bosam Rice Cooker Home Made Korean Bosam Cooked Home Made Korean Bosam Meal Home Made Korean Bosam Meal 2

Also you can add add rice to the course, but it doesn’t matter if you cook it before or after.

Home Made Korean Bosam Rice


Please check out this link for more information on Bossam

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