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We now live in a world where the internet is available in basically every country and you’re never far away from a WIFI hotspot. However there is a related business which is in slight decline the Korean Internet Cafe or PC Bang. Of course Korea is famous for it’s E-Sports league and the talented gamers that populate it, however their training ground are becoming less common.

We personally feel that the main reasons are the development of Smart Phones and increase in home computers. Previously if you wanted to check your emails or even Facebook you had to use a computer, however these days it’s a simple tap of a screen away. One other reason has been the smoking ban inside public places, this means that people who want to smoke and play games do so at home. Finally interest in the latest online games, Koreans were previously big players of online games such as Starcraft and WoW. However these days interest in those games has fallen and less new gamers have taken up newer titles.

The only positive has been a rise in the number of MultiBangs and PlayStation Bangs, which has seen a high demand for home consoles. Also there is now a reduced risk of addiction to online gaming, which has been a serious problem in the past here in South Korea.

Pictures from Inside an Average Korean Internet Cafe / PC Bang

Here are a few pictures from inside of our only local PC Bang;

PC Bang Korean Internet Cafe Chairs PC Bang Korean Internet Cafe Computer PC Bang Korean Internet Cafe Card PC Bang Korean Internet Cafe Quote


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